Invest in Lab-Grown Diamonds: Socially Conscious Luxury

Classic Beauty of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds have long been associated with prestige and exclusivity. Scintillating natural diamonds are the most sought-after stone for diamond engagement rings, bespoke pendants, diamond anniversary rings, and classic wedding bands. Most recently, natural diamonds have seen an uptick in popularity for everyday glamor. Smaller diamonds placed into stacking rings and other slim designs are perfect for layering with other jewelry. All special moments and daily luxury are celebrated with natural diamonds, making them synonymous with momentous times and once-in-a-lifetime occasions.


Best Alternative for Natural Diamonds: Introducing Lab Grown Diamonds

What about those who seek an environmentally friendly alternative? Created diamonds exhibit all the beauty of earth-mined diamonds. They provide a great choice for those who want a socially conscious style that really says something about their personality and values. 


Man-made diamonds have become just as prevalent as natural diamonds! Purchase your favorite diamond stacking band, engagement ring, diamond earrings, wedding band, or diamond pendant featuring a lab grown diamond. These diamond designs are available at your most comfortable price point for a look that is right on-trend. Enjoy all the high-quality aspects of earth-mined diamonds with lab grown diamonds, the number one choice for socially conscious sophistication.


Lab Grown Diamonds: Modern Technology at Your Fingertips

Lab grown diamonds have experienced an increase in popularity in the last few years–they are the perfect solution for those who adore the enviable elegance of natural diamonds without the strenuous work supply. Lab grown diamonds are also available in different caratages and quality–purchase your dream diamond at a fraction of the cost by choosing a high-quality, stunning lab grown diamond. 


You do not have to compromise on quality or style limitations by choosing a lab grown diamond over a natural diamond. Lab grown diamonds are the new wave alternative to natural diamonds and have made a splash in the jewelry industry–they have experienced an increased demand worldwide because of their many positive attributes.


What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are synthetic diamonds that first entered the jewelry market in the 1950s. Lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment with different technological methods. They exhibit optical and chemical properties identical to natural diamonds, suitable for any setting and wearing frequently.


Synthetic diamonds are real diamonds. They are not fake or low-quality look-alikes. Lab grown diamonds are not moissanite, cubic zirconia, glass, zircon, YAG, GGG (other man-made diamond simulants), or other gemstones that may appear as diamonds. They are high-quality diamonds grown in a lab to mimic natural, earth-mined diamonds. This is what makes them so remarkable. Wear synthetic diamonds for years and pass them down as an heirloom—they will withstand the test of time.


Lab grown diamonds may be referred to as man-made diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds, lab-created diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and synthetic diamonds. Lab grown diamonds may be introduced into the market under different trade names and manufacturer names depending on their origin.


Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds: Comparing the Differences

SCINTILLATION, FIRE, BRIGHTNESS: Scintillation refers to the flashes of light when the diamond experiences movement. Fire is the dispersion of light into a color spectrum. The brightness is light reflected from the diamond (Gemological Institute of America). Man-made diamonds offer these earth-mined optical properties because they are the exact synthetic version.


DURABILITY: Diamonds are famous for their hardness and durability! Lab grown diamonds have identical hardness and durability to earth-mined diamonds. Both rate 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.


FORMATION: Both man-made diamonds and natural diamonds have a crystal cubic structure. Both diamond types are created with carbon in a highly pressurized environment. Synthetic diamonds are made in the lab and natural diamonds form in the earth’s mantle.


The 4Cs: Applies to Lab Created Diamonds & Natural Diamonds

The 4Cs is a scale developed by GIA and recognized as a universal method to determine diamond quality. These important factors give the diamond value in the market. 


CLARITY: Clarity refers to the interior or exterior blemishes. Clarity is one of the most important factors determining diamond quality. 


CARATAGE: Caratage is the weight of the stone. The caratage can be calculated for lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds using the same methods.


COLOR:  White natural diamonds and created diamonds are evaluated using the same color scale developed by GIA, ranging from D-Z.  


CUT: The cut of the stone refers to the symmetry. The shape refers to the overall shape of the diamond (marquise, round, etc).


The 4Cs are used for earth-mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Both are graded on this scale.


Lab Grown Diamonds & Natural Diamonds: Often Combined Into the Same Design

Do you love the idea of both earth-mined and synthetic diamonds? Man-made diamonds are frequently placed center stage in fine jewelry designs. Sparkling earth-mined diamonds are commonly used as side stones, creating a finished product that is affordable and gorgeous. Effortlessly blend modern luxury with classic styling with both types of diamonds for your dream jewelry item within reach.


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