Natural Diamonds vs. Lab-Created Diamonds

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Evaluated by GIA & IGI Laboratories

ALL of our diamonds are professionally graded by GIA Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) and IGI gem labs and accompanied by a certification/proof of valuation, ensuring you receive a high-quality stone referenced by jewelry professionals with years of expertise in the field. 


Natural Diamonds vs. Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds have seen an uptick in popularity within the last few years, presenting a valuable alternative to natural diamonds. Affordable and attractive, lab-created diamonds offer the same brilliance and fire natural diamonds display, all within a preferred price-point for your spending budget. But what is the difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds?


This jewelry blog post will cover the basics of natural diamonds vs. lab-created diamonds, and the difference and similarities between the two. Add this easy-to-learn knowledge to your shopping experience and choose the best stone option for your special purchase. 


Lab-Created Diamonds: What Are They?

Natural diamonds are sourced from the earth and take 1 to 3.3 billion years to form! Lab-grown diamonds take about a month to grow and are made with modern technology using extreme pressure and heat inside a machine, recreating the harsh environment of natural diamonds. This process produces lab-created diamonds in mass quantities with desirable qualities.


Lab-grown diamonds may be called lab-created, man-made, laboratory diamonds, or other similar terms. Lab-grown/lab-created diamonds are not "fake" diamonds, they are a high-quality version of their natural version. Lab-created diamonds are not cubic zirconia, GGG, YAG, or moissanite, which are diamond simulants (simulating diamonds without the same properties). 


Evaluating Quality for Both Natural Diamonds & Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are evaluated for quality using the same methods as natural diamonds. As mentioned above, lab-created diamonds are made to mimic natural diamonds in all forms. 

Below is a brief breakdown of these methods:


The 4 Cs: The Four C’s is a scale developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that is a universally accepted and recognized way to evaluate diamond quality. Grading assigns certain designations to the diamond using this scale. This reflects the diamonds price-point value based on the quality. The 4C’s include color, clarity, cut, and caratage. 


APPEARANCE: Lab-created diamonds exhibit all the same physical and optical properties as natural, earth-mined diamonds, making them a resourceful way to add value to any jewelry design. 


Earth-mined diamonds are known for their show-stopping fire, scintillation, and brightness. GIA defines fire as the dispersion of light into a color spectrum. Scintillation is the flashes of sparkle when a diamond  displays patterns of light and dark areas as it moves.  Brightness is the light reflected from the diamond. Lab-created diamonds exhibit all the fire, scintillation, and brightness of their earth-mined version.


PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: Both Lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds have a crystal cubic structure. They are both rated 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, exhibiting the famous hardness and durability natural diamonds are known for, making lab-created diamonds the perfect affordable alternative. 


Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds & Natural Diamond Jewelry

Lab-grown diamonds have value and also resale value, just like natural diamonds. They are a worthy investment and a fantastic choice for your engagement ring, wedding band, and other bespoke jewelry. 


Diamonds & Lab-Grown Diamonds: Combined Luxury

Often, engagement rings may feature a lab-created diamond in the center complemented by natural diamonds on the side.  This allows you to select the quality diamond you have always dreamed of, without compromising.  Elegant, long-lasting, wearable, and effortless, lab-created diamonds are also eco-friendly and socially conscious. Enjoy a valuable lab-created diamond knowing it is not only a worthy financial investment, but sophisticated and gorgeous. 


Handcrafted Jewelry

Celebrate today, tomorrow, and evermore with a unique natural or lab-grown diamond engagement ring you have had a hand in designing with a few simple clicks of a mouse. From start to finish, participate in a fully immersive shopping experience and make a one-of-a-kind customized creation meant only for you.






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